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What is Yeager Leadership?

We partner with our clients to help them operate as high performing individuals, teams and organizations. Yeager Leadership (YL) works with a variety of groups: corporations, educational and athletic programs, law enforcement and municipalities. Our YL leadership management firm helps organizations become more aware of how their ability to leverage strengths and culture, and to manage "healthy tensions," leads to maximizing engagement, capacity and performance.

Why we do what we do.

Yeager Leadership believes that individuals, teams and organizations flourish when they have an integrated focus on self, others and the larger community.

Simply said, we help clients Focus. Shift. Maximize.

Finding common ground and "connecting the dots" with our clients is a passion for us. Connecting people, their projects and the teams or departments within their organization generally creates opportunities for positive outcomes. This establishes a sense of trust between us and within the client’s organization.
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John Yeager, Ed.D.
John Yeager is the founder and chief executive officer of Yeager Leadership. Through his work with YL, he and his team help organizations discover their positive foundation, envision possibilities and then design systems strategies to provide a sustainable road map for success. John's programs and presentations have motivated and inspired audiences around the United States and have led groups to experience great outcomes.

John holds a Doctorate in education from Boston University and a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the Director of the Center for Character Excellence at the Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana. A former assistant professor in Boston University’s School of Education and senior scholar at BU’s Center for Character and Social Responsibility, he has taught in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement at Duquesne University.

The author and/or co-author of five books, John has been cited in The New York Times Magazine and Sports Illustrated, on Sports, and has provided over 30 posts to the Positive Psychology News Daily site.

John and his skilled and capable YL team partners, Heike Spahn and Dr. Sam Boys, bring a “passion” for strategy and results and “purpose” for sustainable organizational cultures to bring out the best in their clients. For more information about all of our team members click here.
The Relevance of Yeager Leadership's CORE VALUES

~ Connect with individuals and groups in a natural and energetic way that builds trust.
~ Assess through innovative coaching and established methods/tools creating an interactive experience.
~ Develop a customized presentation to address your questions regarding successful team building to enhance the culture of your organization.
~ Align engagement of the individual with the collaborative team, leading to higher performance for both the individual and the group.
~ Motivate the team or organization to shift into a positive transformation for greater overall success.

The outcome? The Yeager Leadership brand promise:
Participants will flourish with new leadership skills,
Participants will be equipped with confident momentum and
Participants will be prepared for today's challenges and for the future.

From an illustrious lacrosse-playing and -coaching career to his organizational behavior work with athletic teams, business, education, municipalities and law enforcement, John walks the talk as he and his team lead individuals, teams and organizations to develop their capacity to thrive.

What We Stand For
We believe that the positive core of an organization begins with people having the capacity and permission to leverage what they do well.

We believe that having the right people, the right teams and the right systems in place provides for an engaging and productive organizational culture.

We believe through “healthy tensions” or polarities, organizations can maximize their influence on culture change, engagement, project management and capacity building.

We believe we can help you flourish!

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